Halloween Costume #2 Max Ride

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Maximum Ride
(And no, it is not what you are thinking.)

Background: Maximum Ride is a series written by James Patterson about a “flock” of mutant children. These special children are only 98% human, the other 2% being avian. Most of the characters have the genes of a different types of birds.
Max: Maximum Ride is her full name, but usually she is called Max by her friends. She has dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. Her wings are mainly white, and brown, with black feathers at the tips. She is the leader of the flock and has the ability to kick a lot of butt, who also by the way HATES makeup.
Fang: Fang is generally what comes to mind when you hear the word emo. He has black hair and pitch black eyes. He usually dresses in all black outfits. His wings are totally black. Fang and Max are “dating” so if you want to go as a couple…
Iggy: The Igster is a somewhat opposite of Fang. While Fang obviously loves the color black, Iggy adores the color white. Maybe it something to do with the fact that he can only see things if they are surrounded by a white background. Iggy has strawberry blonde hair and blue/gray eyes. Did I mention that Iggy is a pyro? 
Nudge: Nudge is the chatterbox in the flock. In order to shut her up in the middle of one of her rambles you have to nudge her. Nudge is the only African-American in the flock. She has brown hair and brown eyes with mocha colored wings. Nudge is also very aware about fashion trends and what is in or out.
Gazzy: Why is “Gasman” called Gazzy, well that’s exactly what he is. Gazzy is known in the flock for his fart clouds. Apparently after he farts, the room needs to be evacuated immediately. Gazzy has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is also Iggy’s partner in crime.
Angel: Angel is the youngest member of the flock, as a result they tend to baby her. She is the biological sister of Gazzy, unlike the rest of the flock who are not related by blood in any way. Her name fits her perfectly, at least that’s how she looks. Angel has blonde hair and innocent blue eyes along with the white wings of an angel.
Max, Fang, and Iggy are all around the same age, being the oldest of all the flock members. After them, the oldest is Nudge, with Gazzy after her.
The flock are like a family so they are perfect for a group.

  1. Find wings that match the description of the character you want to be.*
  2. Dress up to fit their style. For example, if you want to dress up as Nudge, you wouldn’t wear something that no one wears anymore. If you were going to go as Fang, you wouldn’t dress in hot pink.
*For the ones who do not have full descriptions, you can use your imagination.
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