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Okay, so the reason why this post isn’t called “Bookish Costume – The Seven Kingdoms” is because really the only character I have costumes for is Katsa. I couldn’t get into Fire and right now, can barely remember reading Bitterblue. So really, it’s only Graceling that I have enough knowledge of to compile a somewhat accurate costume.


Some Info About Katsa

Katsa is a Graceling so she has two different colored eyes. One green, one blue. She has dark hair that is often knotted and she prefers to it keep short (she does have longer hair for a portion of they book).

Outfit One

The first outfit is the outfit in which, we first meet Katsa – while she’s on the mission for the Council to find the grandfather and her first encounter with Po. Dressed to pass as a male and hide her identity (basically hide her eyes as they can give away who she is).

Outfit Two

This is an interesting outfit because it has two stages – before and after. First, let’s talk about before. The “before” outfit is when the outfit is nice and put together. Katsa is wearing the dress (to her dismay), along with the earrings and the shoes to attend dinner with King Randa, Po and company. “After” is the outfit after Katsa fights with Po. So the earrings are gone (she chucked them in the fountain, but picked them up later) and threw her shoes somewhere. Her feet are covered in dirt and her dress looks like she rolled in a puddle of mud. So dirty the dress if you want to pretend you fought Po. Also, she has a cut on her check from one of Po’s rings.

Outfit Three

The final outfit is the one Katsa is wearing when she takes Bitterblue and tries to escape from King Leck. Once again dressed as a male to try to blend in and remain somewhat anonymous. Also, a warm cloak to keep warm while they pass through the mountains that are covered in snow. In the book, Katsa and Bitterblue have snowshoes when crossing the mountain, but I think some boots are more reasonable for Halloween. Also, they weren’t wearing snowshoes the whole time, but if you want to…

So that’s it for now.
What do you think?


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