Do you make reading a priority?

Posted February 1, 2016 by Emily in Investigated / 3 Comments

do you make reading a priority

One of the worst things about loving to read is not the judgemental looks or stereotypes it brings, but rather the fact that is a time-consuming hobby. You cannot read a book in five minutes. (Or at least, I can’t). With everything else you have to do in life, it always feels like there’s never enough time in a day. So my question for you today is do you make reading a priority? Do you find time to read no matter what else is on your plate? Do you have to read every day in order to sleep peacefully at night?

For some reasons I work in moods. I can’t ever do something to the best of my ability if I’m not in the mood for it or don’t get in the mood for it. Because of this problem, I take what I get. Last week, I mentioned how sometimes I hate reading even though it’s something I historically have taken pleasure in doing. Much of that is because of time constraints and mood. If I’m in the mood to read then you can bet all your books that I’m going to make reading a priority. I’m not about to spend time doing something else when I know it’s one of those times that I’m still in love with the concept of reading.

That being said, I only make reading a priority when I’m in the mood. If I’m not… well let’s just say there are better ways I can waste spend my time. And sometimes there are other things I have to do like studying or doing homework. Unfortunately, school always takes priority over anything and anything fun. I blog in moods to so if I’m in a blogging mood, that’ll take priority over anything else. Yes, I know I’m weird.

What about you?
Do you make reading a priority?
When and why?



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3 responses to “Do you make reading a priority?

  1. I don’t really need to make reading a priority. I would say that the majority of the time, I’m reading a book that I’m involved in enough that I HAVE to read more of it. Though, admittedly, I’m not comfortable if I don’t have at least one book started. I always like the option of reading when I have a few minutes to wait on something – and if I’m sitting around not doing anything, I’m more likely to read a few pages than to do anything else.

  2. I make it a priority more now than ever. I let my blog go since it wasn’t adding anything to the quality of my life. Now I am reading more and still visiting the blogs that I love just because, as opposed to visiting out of an obligation to return comments.