Characters Whose Jobs I Wish I Had

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This Week’s Prompt

This week’s topic is… Characters Whose Job I Wish I Had. This was such an interesting list to put together. It’s also one I haven’t really thought about too much before. Probably because most of the characters I read about either don’t have jobs or have really terrifying ones like being an assassin. That’s what happens with you mainly read young adult books, especially YA fantasy, I guess. 😅

I decided to divide this list into two sections: unrealistic and realistic. They’re pretty self explanatory – unrealistic are jobs I wish I had, but can’t see myself actually doing while “realistic” are jobs I wish I had and could potentially live with in real life.


1. Cammie from Gallagher Girls (Spy)

I was really into spies as a kid. I started with Spy Kids and eventually worked my way up to movies like Jason Bourne. So of course, I ended up reading a lot of spy books. Of all of them, Gallagher Girls is probably my favorite (Alex Rider is a close second, though). There’s just something about going to an all-girls school for spies in training that’s more appealing than whatever mess Alex Rider got himself in.

2. Cassie from The Naturals (FBI Agent in Training)

Besides spies, I also really love mysteries and thrillers. The “ah ha!” moment and satisfaction of solving a mystery are hard to beat. But I don’t have the guts to do that in real life. Cassie might get to hang out with some hot guys and fight crime but that doesn’t make up for how dangerous her job ends up being.

3. Mia from If I Stay (Musician)

Ah, another one of my fantasy occupations. There’s clearly a theme here. 😆 As much as I love music (and the idea of touring) I have neither the natural affinity for it, nor the motivation to truly study and learn it.

4. Sloane from Being Sloane Jacobs (Figure Skater)

Yes, being a figure skater was another one of my dreams. I can skate a little but just watching people spin makes me dizzy. Still, (casual) skating is one of my favorite winter activities and I’m so sad I don’t get to enjoy it this year.

More Realistically

5. Eve from Morganville Vampires (Barista)

I’m a coffee addict so being able to be around so much coffee sounds so appealing (and dangerous). That said, I’d only like Eve’s job if I can avoid getting in trouble with all the vampires in town and stay on her boss’s good side.

6. Josie from Chasing Lucky (Work in a Bookstore)

What book lover doesn’t want to work somewhere surrounded by books?

7. Stella from The Heartbreakers (Band Photographer)

Traveling the world with a bunch of hot (and rich) guys, while making a living doing something you’re passionate about? I feel like this is the definition of a dream job. But one I can actually see myself doing (in another life).

8. Peeta from The Hunger Games (Baker)

We’re talking pre-Hunger Games, helped out at the family bakery, Peeta here. Not District 12’s male tribute Peeta.

I used to want to be a baker / bakery owner when I was younger until I realized most bakers have to head into work super early in the mornings at like 4AM. Still, I’d love to work at a bakery someday.

9. Lina from The Worst Best Man (Event Planner)

I feel like this would be such a fun and interesting job assuming there’s someone else who wants to do all the talking. I like the planning and organizing aspect of this career, but I’m definitely more of an introvert.

10. Marlee from Intercepted (Website Designer)

Fun fact, when I was applying for college, I considered studying graphic design instead of business. I got really into graphic and web design when I first started this blog. Ultimately, I chose business because I realized (through blogging & bookstagram) that there’s no way my creativity is consistent enough to make a living off it. I still think it’d be a nice job to have though.

What about you? Are there any characters whose job you wish you had?



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6 responses to “Characters Whose Jobs I Wish I Had

  1. You remembered so many more jobs of characters than I did. I went off the board this week because I couldn’t remember anyone’s professions except for the teachers and since I’m one that wasn’t fun. Check out my off the board list please. Thanks you. My TTT

  2. Jo

    Being a baker sounds like a lot of fun, though yes, getting up that early in the morning is incredibly off-putting and I’m probably not good enough to be a professional baker! Being a spy seems like it would be a lot of fun, though yes very dangerous and I doubt I would ever do it. I’m so envious of people with musical talent, I tried learning to play clarinet when I was younger but I wasn’t very good!

  3. When it comes to unrealistic jobs, I really wanted to be a musician and figure skater too! BUT I GOT NO NATURAL AFFINITY! AKA I’m terrible at them! HAHA! And yes, I WANNA WORK IN A BOOKSTORE TOO! Doesn’t that just sound perfect?!? Also, I still haven’t given up on a barista life either! Thanks for the great post!