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A diagram of some possible love triangle situations.
The pink “F” represents a female.
The blue “M” represents a make.
A solid line means the two people like each other.
A dotted line means the two like the same person.
    Today’s topic is love triangles. Be warned this post may turn into a rant at any given moment. Love triangles are like my frenemies, we have a hate-love relationship. Although usually the only time I like them is when 1) I feel like the right people end up together at the end, or 2) when I feel like the love triangle is needed. Sadly, situation #1 doesn’t apply very often. It is a good thing situation #2 does, otherwise I would have a problem with a lot of YA books since love triangles decide to make an appearance in most of them nowadays. If I’m being honest, like all the romance that goes on in books, love triangles to have an effect on my rating of them. If I feel like neither situation #1 nor #2 apply, the book will probably end up with a lower rating.

   Love triangles tend to piss me off. Especially when I feel like they are unnecessary – when they don’t contribute anything to the story except create unneeded drama. (Another time they piss me off is when one of the characters is killed of to “solve” the love triangle. But that’s a topic for another day.) Sometimes I feel like the only reason why they are included is that a lot of best-selling books have love triangles. Maybe some people view them as part of a formula to write a popular YA novel. Truthfully, the main reason why love triangles and I don’t usually agree is that I usually end up rooting for the wrong team. Often, the team I want to end up with the girl (or boy) doesn’t. Even when I think they are perfect for each other. Or at least more perfect than the other person. Even when a lot of other readers feel the same way. Sometimes I can understand why the people end up together, other times I can’t.

   That brings me to another reason why I don’t exactly love love triangles. When there is an argument, people pick sides. When there is a love triangle, the same thing happens, except people pick teams. And just like disagreements, love triangles have the power to turn even the best of friends against each other. And start huge arguments…

Well, that’s some of my feelings about love triangles.
I could keep going, but if I did, it would probably turn into a really long rant.
What are your thoughts about love triangles?
I might do a part II… just saying.



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