Why You Should Go to Author Events

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6 reasons why author events

I’m a bit crazy about going to author events and signings. Okay, fine, I admit I’m more than a bit crazy. I’m obsessed.

I love going to author events. Even when I have no idea who the author featured is, or what he/she wrote, as long as it’s in my genre and I’m free (and I have parent permission because unfortunately months away from my 18th birthday, I still need them to give me rides), you can bet I’ll be there… Assuming it’s not taking place somewhere too far from my house.

So here are 6 reasons why I love going to author events and why you should too.

Get Books Signed

This is kind of obvious. Signed books are special. And there’s an even greater connection to the book itself if it’s personalized to you. That being said, that shouldn’t be the only reason you go to a book signing.

Selfie with an Author

This kind of goes hand in hand with getting a book signed except to a lesser extent. Everyone wants to have some proof that they were able to meet one of their favorite authors and brag about it to everyone on social media. But getting a selfie shouldn’t be your number one priority. Think of it as a bonus and not as what you came there for.

Meet the Author

Author events give you the opportunity to meet some of your favorite authors. If you’re lucky and not too many people showed up to the event, you might even be able to have a short conversation with them. Author events allow you to see the authors behind your favorite books as real people and not just the name on the cover of a book.

Show Support

Authors take time out of their busy schedules to do signings and other events. And writing isn’t an easy job, nor it is a well paying one (unless, of course, you are J.K. Rowling or James Patterson). Support authors by visiting them when they have an event near you. Showing up, buying their book, and getting it signed show them that someone appreciates the work they do. Also, by coming to these events, you are not only supporting the authors, but also the bookseller that’s hosting the event. So if you really want to help someone out going to events is like a three in one package.

Make New Friends

Finding people who love reading and books is kind of hard to do in real life. At least, it isn’t as easy to find people who share similar tastes face to face as it is to find them online. But do you know who shows up to author events? People who love books. That’s who. I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends going to author events. Even when that event featured an author I wasn’t familiar with or whose writing I’m the biggest fan of.

Get Behind the Scenes Info

Another bonus of going to author events and book signings is that you can usually get some behind the scenes stories and information most people don’t know. Usually (or at least, at the events I went to), the authors give a little background story on the book they are promoting and then take questions. A lot of times, they give you a lot of fun facts.

Why do you go to author events and book signings?
Are there any reasons that I missed?



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One response to “Why You Should Go to Author Events

  1. These are fantastic reasons! I love going to author events! I usually only go to the ones that I’m familiar with, but I like that you go to all the ones that you can. Who was your favorite author to meet?
    I had always been too shy to go to an author event. Sarah J Maas came to MA, where I live, for her HEIR OF FIRE tour and that was the first event that I went to. I couldn’t miss that opportunity! Since then I got to them all the time. I wish there were more around me, but nothing can be done about that.

    Elizabeth @ Book Yabber recently posted: If We Were Having Coffee. . .