Truth or Dare? – Pick up a Random Book from the Library

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In a reading slump? Don’t know what to read next? Truth or dare? I really hope you picked dare. (If you picked truth, get out. Just kidding. Stay and pick dare?.. please?) For those of you in the mood for a dare (don’t you dare back out or I will hunt you down and steal ALL your books) here’s one. Go find a random book in your library and check it out. This challenge might require a bit of walking back and forth and you might receive some weird looks.
The Dare
I dare you to go to your library. No, not your e-book library, but the actual physical one. Go to your favorite section. It doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Start anywhere you want in the section. It can be from the beginning, the middle, the end, some random spot, it really doesn’t matter… much.
Turn and face to the shelf on your right. So say you’re in the middle of shelves D and E, and since from our perspective right now, E is on the right, turn to face that shelf. Move three book shelves. It doesn’t matter which direction (you may only have one choice). For example, if you are between D and E and you would end up in the middle of J and K. Take three steps left (or right if left leaves you away from the shelves) and close your eyes and spin around for 5 seconds. Now remember, you are in a library, so don’t go crazy, go slow. Take the 5th book in the second row. So yeah, that’s the challenge. It’s what my brain comes up with only six hours of sleep…
What I mean by rows of a bookshelf.
Sound fun? (If it doesn’t, tell me, I won’t be offended, I promise.)
Need help with the instructions? Leave a comment and I’ll try to clarify them.
Are you going to give it a try?
If you do, leave a comment on your experience and tell me what book you ended up with. 

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4 responses to “Truth or Dare? – Pick up a Random Book from the Library

    • Well don’t forget to tell me how it goes! And it’s totally okay if you read it before… as long as you liked it and it’s random.

      Thanks for stopping by Em! 🙂