Thoughtful Thursday – Blogging Slumps

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Lately, I feel like I haven’t really been focused on this blog, or at least, not to the extent that I was before. I was running out of ideas. I was running out of motivation. I got busy with other things like school and work. Not to mention reading books. I got into a blogging slump. To me a blogging slump is when I just don’t feel like blogging. When blogging becomes more work and less fun. When it becomes something that seems like a lot of work and a chore to do. To me, it usually happens when the things I listed above occur – no ideas, no motivation, and no time.
Blogging has always been an “extra” thing to me. Something to do for fun, not something that was really obligatory. What changed that? More followers. To me, more followers mean more people to impress and more pressure on me to find my unique place in this grand old blogosphere. I kind of let that get into my head. Blogging became more about creating new ideas and trying to get new followers instead of having fun like it was before. Whatever you do, DO NOT LET THE SAME THING HAPPEN TO YOU. Coming up with new ideas isn’t exactly easy and once I used the ones I’d come up with, I felt spent. I lost my motivation to keep blogging. Everything I posted afterwards seemed like BS and well, not exactly quality content. It didn’t help that I never have time for blogging. It has always been that way. Blogging has always been a thing I have had to make time for, but lately I have had no time. Actually, that’s not quite true. I just lacked the motivation to make time. Plus I have other projects I’m working on. (Did I mention I’m creating a book tour company called North Stars Book Tours, with Cal at Read Books and Live Green?)
Now, if anyone had come to me with this problem, I would have told them to take a break, a mini hiatus, if you will. I intend to follow my own advice. Although, I’m not quite sure how that will work out since I have had difficulties do that in the past. Anyways, to follow my own advice, I will be taking a little break, just a teeny one. Don’t worry, I still have things planned up until Christmas and I plan to be back right after the New Year. Memes will probably still get posted, and probably nothing else (if I can stay away).
Tips for new bloggers? If you get into a blogging slump, just take a tiny break. Don’t feel your alone, because many other bloggers get into slumps also. And don’t let blogging become something it’s not. It’s not all about getting the most followers or the more ARC’s so don’t be focused on those as much as enjoying it and having fun.
For those who have been in blogging slumps, I want to know…
How do you avoid getting into one in the first place?
How do you get into one?
How do you get out of one?


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2 responses to “Thoughtful Thursday – Blogging Slumps

  1. I get blogging slumps all the time. In my case, it’s not because I run out of ideas. Actually, there are so many ideas running through my head about what I can do with the blog, that I tend to get overwhelmed, I don’t know which one to put into practice first, and then I just give up. The reasons behind my blogging slumps are very mundane. Lol. Work can get in the way a lot. At the end of the day, after teaching 3 English courses and writing 2-3 articles for my second job, I’m just not in the mood to write for my blog. Sometimes I’m not even in the mood to read. I’d rather stare into space or watch a TV show. Fortunately, having more followers than when I started the blog doesn’t put pressure on me. I mean… I blog just the same.

    My solution for blogging slumps was to get a blogging partner. It was impossible for me to force myself to write when I didn’t feel like it, so the best thing was to have someone else active on the blog when I went through one of those annoying periods. It has worked so far.

    Good luck with your tour company! 🙂 It has such a pretty name.

    Oana @All Fantasy Worlds

  2. I for one went on hiatus for a little over two weeks just recently, and honestly it’s been a blessing. I guess blogging CAN feel like a chore if you’re doing it for the follows, but I’ve long since decided to stop caring about that, if truth be told. I guess it’s all about the mindset, and doing things at your own pace, and reading the things you want to read as well 😀