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AUTHOR: Kaitlyn Price
SERIES: Immortal Eyes
TYPE & SOURCE: PDF from author.

SYNOPSIS: Avery and her mother have always been on the run. After her mother is murdered by something supernatural, she is left to fend for herself, alone and filled with questions. She receives a note by a stranger, giving her the opportunity to get some answers, and Avery warily accepts. She would rather face the truth than continue to be on the run.

What she discovers is nothing like she could’ve imagined. The stranger’s name is Felix, and he’s part of a race of creatures called Lovac. He tells Avery that she is a Lovac, too, and that they’re the distant descendants of the ancient vampire Nosferatu, along with two other races—the Nesmyr and Zhulik.

However, the Lovac are doomed to insanity, and nearly all of them lose their minds in their early twenties. The only way to be saved from the curse is for a Lovac to find their Dimidium, the one creature that can calm the darkness.

Nightmarish visions, kidnappings, and a lifestyle she never knew existed consume Avery’s life as she begins the search for her Dimidium and to get revenge for her mother’s death.

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REVIEW: I thought AVENGING AMETHYST told an interesting story. It was about a girl named Avery, who is faced with learning about a whole new whole when her mom dies of mysterious circumstances. How is the circumstance mysterious? Well, it’s a supernatural circumstance, her mother was murdered by something supernatural. Avery doesn’t stay and mourn. She immediately packs up her necessities and hurries her but out of town. A few days later, Avery gets a note from a total stranger telling her that he knows what’s going on and can explain some things to her and give her some of the answers that she is looking for. Avery decides to meet this stranger, Felix, who introduces her to a whole new world, and helps her in her journey of avenging her mother.

In AVENGING AMETHYST, there are three main types of mythical creatures. The Nesmyr are basically like angel vampires. If they kill someone while feeding, they will become a Zhulik. Zhuliks are the blood thirsty vampires. They are savage creatures and tend to perform a lot of unspeakable deeds, like for instance rape. If a Zhulik rapes a physic woman, and if she becomes pregnant and is strong enough, she will help bring a Lovac into the world. Lovacs are destined to a life of insanity if they don’t find their Dimidium, their soulmates, before it’s too late. A Lovac usually lives as long as their Dimidium does. However, Dimidiums have become quite rare, leaving most Lovacs doomed.

The plot of AVENGING AMETHYST was intriguing. It’s always interesting to see how authors put their own twist on a something I consider a “prompt”. I always wonder what kind of mythical creature they’ll creature or use and how romance will impact the story. I think Kaitlyn Price did a great job adding her own flavor to the stirring pot. She made a new dish of something that was quite old, something that she can now call her own.

I enjoyed the pacing of the book. It wasn’t that slow or that fast. In the beginning it was slower, but just enough so that the reader wouldn’t have a hard time understanding the new supernatural creatures being introduced. After the introduction, the story moves at a somewhat faster pace. And let me tell you now, you can expect a lot of action.

I also liked the way the characters in AVENGING AMETHYST were written. After reading just the first few chapters, I felt like I could understand some the characters. They were for the most part well developed. Kaitlyn Price did a really good job making certain characters so nasty I wanted to travel into the book just so I could help Avery defeat them and laugh in their faces. Others were easy to relate to. It was easy to understand their position and heartbreak.

One thing I didn’t quite like about AVENGING AMETHYST, is the romance. I cannot stress how much I dislike love triangles. I really loved reading the book until the author introduced the concept that maybe the characters I wanted to get a happy ever after might not get one after all. I get it, I know why authors use love triangles, but what I don’t understand is this. Why have me rooting for two characters to become a couple for most of the book, then surprise me and say, oh, she’s not going to end up him, silly. Ugh, I cannot express how much I hate it when that happens.

Besides the romance, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. As I mentioned before, I liked the way Kaitlyn Price make this HER book, and made it unique. While I was reading it, I wasn’t comparing AVENGING AMETHYST to books with similar plot lines, I was enjoying it. I found it hard to stop. I couldn’t stop. I was flipping through the pages like there was no tomorrow.

If you read AVENGING AMETHYST, I hope you enjoyed it at least as much as I did.

After you read it, find me or comment below, and tell me if you liked the romance in AVENGING AMETHYST.


4 Snowflakes

RECOMMENDATION: For fans of I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies Series) by Pittacus Lore and the Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare. Oh, and we can’t forget about the vampire fans!

NOTE: I received a copy of AVENGING AMETHYST from Kaitlyn Price for a review. This in no way influenced my opinion about the book.


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