Is Sea of Monsters Worth Watching?

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So, the question of the day is… Is The Sea of Monsters, the second installment in the Percy Jackson series worth watching. The movie was released on Wednesday and I don’t have any plans for the weekend. At least not yet. 
Why am I even debating?
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adored the Percy Jackson series. Well, at least the books. I could do without the movies which is why I’m wondering if it’s worth watching in a movie theater. When ‘The Lightning Thief’ was released, I didn’t even have this question. To the movie theater we went. Only to be disappointed.
The first movie wasn’t all that great
I don’t know. I just never really liked the first one a lot. Now forgive me if I get some things wrong, it’s been awhile since I watched it, but I do remember being a combination of pissed and disappointed with it. Pissed that they couldn’t even bother to get some of the characters’ appearances right. I mean Annabeth as a brunette? That’s just wrong. The fact that they (they being the producers, directors, and whoever cast the actors and whoever else was in charge…) couldn’t bother to dye her hair BLONDE really pissed me off. Changing hair color might seem trivial, but it was important. To me and a lot of Percy Jackson fans. (And what do you know, Annabeth is a blonde in the second movie…) Eye color is understandable. Sometimes actors have trouble with contacts and what not. But hair color. Come on. It already took something like a $90 million to make. Could they have spent $10 on hair dye? And Annabeth wasn’t the only character whose appearance seemed wrong…
Forget about the characters’ appearances. That was just the tip of the iceberg. The iceberg being the messed up story line. I walked into the theater expecting to see The Lightning Thief. Not The Lightning Thief plus some of The Sea of Monsters. And then there were other details that were messed up. It’s like the people making this movie didn’t even bother to read the book. I had such high expectations. Only to be let down. Badly.
But… I still love Percy Jackson
I don’t know. Percy Jackson is still one of my favorite series. I just don’t know if it’s worth it to go out and spend money and time on a movie I’m not going to like. I saw the trailer. I am a little (more like a lot) disappointed with their casting choices once again. I have nothing against the actors. I just feel like they don’t really look the part. That they don’t really look like how I envisioned them to. But they did make some changes. Annabeth is now a blonde (I wonder how they are going to explain that…) And overall the movie doesn’t seem that bad.
 I’m just wondering should I go watch the real movie, or stick to the one playing inside my head?
Did you see The Sea of Monsters?
If you did, was it good?
If you didn’t, are you planning to?


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2 responses to “Is Sea of Monsters Worth Watching?

  1. I’m not sure either. My kids and I are HUGE fans of the books, but when we went to the first movie, people in the theater were laughing — at the movie, not with it. Maybe some books just work better as books? Plus they must have aged the characters up — I thought they were all around twelve…

    In any case, if you go, I’ll be curious to get your take..

    • I decided I’m not going to go for two reason. 1) I’m really busy so and 2) my brother went and can’t keep his mouth shut. Apparently the movie is quite different from the book. I think aging the characters up is easier for Hollywood and all that with puberty and stuff. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂