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A few weeks ago, I talked about insta love and how I would prefer love triangles than it. Today, since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I’m going to talk about soul mates. Now, insta love and the concept behind soul mates have much in common. But here is why I think soul mates are different. How they are better.
In most stories with soul mates, it does not involve an easy meeting between the two like what happens with insta love. Soul mate stories, well, at least the ones I’ve read, usually have some sort of backstory, some sort of problem. Yes, even soul mates have problems. That’s one of the main differences between soul mate stories and instant love ones is that soul mate stories just tend to seem more… well developed. Problems between the two characters in insta love is almost unheard of. Soul mates aren’t always all smooth sailing, but they do usually end up with a happy ending (or a devastating tragic one…).

The idea of soul mates is just so compelling. The idea that there is someone out there just for you is welcoming. The idea that that someone will love you is even better. After all, who doesn’t want to be loved? I just love it when the stories are done right. When they are made unique and different. When they aren’t cliche. When they are somewhat realistic. Okay, I’ll admit, sometimes I can be a hopeless romantic, but honestly, who doesn’t like a hard earned happy ending?

And while we’re confessing things, I have to confess that maybe one of the reasons why I like soul mates so much is because of my dislike of love triangles. One of the reasons why I dislike love triangles, is that they make you take sides. They make you pick teams between the two suitors. And I usually pick the losing one. I have a track record for picking the one the heroine / hero leaves in the dust. The one who gets friend zoned or even ignored and shunned. With soul mates, I don’t have that problem. In most soul mate stories, no matter what problems they face, the soul mate couple almost always end up together. So maybe it makes those stories a bit more predictable. But it also saves me from banging my head repeatedly against the wall asking “WHY! Why didn’t you choose him / her instead?” And plus, just because you have a feeling the couple are going to end up together doesn’t mean you know what’s going to happen to them…

How do you feel about soul mates?



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