On this blog, there can be a lot going on. I have many ideas for cool features. Sometimes they stick. Sometimes they don’t. I will list ALL the ones I have decided to keep doing, even if it isn’t on a regular occurrence. Note: this list also includes memes that I regularly participate in as well as original features.


Stacking the Shelves
Stacking the Shelves, also known as STS is a weekly meme hosted at Team Tynga’s Reviews to showcase what books we have stacked our shelves with during the week.

The Sunday Post
The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. The point of this meme is to recap your week, from book haul to posts posted, and to share a bit what people can expect next on the blog.

Waiting on Wednesday
Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Breaking the Spine to showcase upcoming releases that we are anticipating.


Investigated is my weekly discussion feature. It is usually posted on Mondays and it’s where I “investigated” / discuss / rant about certain topics related to books.

Series in Review
Series in Review is a feature that reviews a series as a whole instead of individual books. As of now, it is not a regular feature (I’m still working on making reviews a regular thing…)

Thoughtful is kind of like ‘Investigated’ in a way. However, it is more based on giving advice and discussing blogging (and sometimes life) related topics, not books (that’s what Investigated is for!)

YA in Real Life
YA in Real Life is a bit similar to Investigated, but it focuses more on how elements from YA can be found / not found in real life and vice versa. Basically if YA is a true representation of reality or not (minus of course, all the fantasy…).

Bookish is basically miscellaneous posts. Posts that could be part of their own real feature if I did them often enough, but I don’t.

Blogging Tips & Tricks
I think this one is pretty self explanatory. I’m trying to do more posts like this, but I’m not very good at writing tutorials…

Interactive Friday
Interactive Friday is my attempt for a more reader interactive thing on the blog. I don’t really know where I’m going with this feature so stayed tuned. Discontinued for the time being.

Novel News
Novel News is a feature that involves compiling news from around the bookish community. News such as which author signed a new contract or what books are being turning into movies and their release dates. Novel News is currently discontinued as I do not have the time to compile all the links, however I might bring it back if there’s a lot of news. Note: This feature has been discontinued.

Mission: Recommendation
Mission: Recommendation is a feature I started to help my friends pick out new books to read or what book to read next. As of now, it is not a regular feature, and it is possible for it to be merged with AskEmz.