Costume #4 – Divergent

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To celebrate the release of Allegiant next week, here are some Divergent themed costumes.
In the world of Divergent, people are separated into four different factions (groups) that reflect their personalities and traits when they become of age at a ceremony called “initiation”. Besides the four factions (Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite) there are also the factionless, or those who failed to complete initiation into a faction. And then there are the Divergent…

ABNEGATION: The Abnegation are known as the selfless. They aren’t vain or self indulgent, and strive to help others. Most Abnegation would find tasks such as giving up a seat for the elderly or giving away their lunch to someone who is starving as simple, easy tasks. It is in their nature to perform such tasks and the Abnegation are known for it. That’s why they are in charge of the government – they are supposedly unselfish and aim to do things for the good of the rest of the factions, not just themselves. They are also less likely to be greedy and corrupt than other factions.

AMITY: The Amity are the kind, peace lovers. So yes, kind of like hippies. You know the ones what have a lot of peace signs? They are the nicest faction, always willing to help out others in need. They are also the happiest faction out of the four, the most cheery for sure. You can probably find the Amity volunteering at places like food shelters, shelters, and homes for the elderly. Always willing to lend a hand, the Amity can also be spotted acting as peacekeepers keeping the peace.

CANDOR: The Candor value honestly and the truth just as much as the Abnegation value selflessness and the Amity value kindness. The Candor hate hiding anything, anything at all. Because of that belief, the Candor are known to be revealing and loud as they really, really, hate being secretive and concealing. Honesty is the best policy is what the Candor honestly believe. The Candor cannot lie, so if you are looking to seek the truth, they will probably be your best friend.

DAUNTLESS: The Dauntless are the brave. The daredevil faction, the Dauntless are willing to do all different kinds of stunts like jumping off moving trains and falling off a the roof of a really, really high building. Because of their fearlessness, the Dauntless are counted on as the army to protect the factions whenever trouble disrupts the peace in the world. They also are in charge of protecting the fence that surrounds the factions. Proving bravery and overcoming fear are the core principals of the Dauntless. So if you need anyone to help you in a fight…

ERUDITE: The Erudite are the intelligent. They believe that power comes from knowledge and that that is what makes people powerful. The Erudite aren’t exactly the most welcoming faction. Always a bit apprehensive, the Erudite are known to conduct research on important topics (such as cancer) for the good of the other factions. Why are the Erudite usually a bit anxious? Because they have research proving that being a bit uptight will decrease creativity so everything will be based on fact.

FACTIONLESS: The Factionless are the people that do the jobs that have to be done, but no one wants to do. Treated like outcasts and scum, their work will only get them some food and clothing, usually not enough for them to be comfortable.

DIVERGENT: The Divergent are people that could belong to more than one faction. They are the people that do not receive a clear answer on what faction is the best for them after they go through the aptitude test (the test is administrated during initiation to determine the best faction for each person).

The things and clothes you need depend on the faction you want to dress up as. If you want to dress up as the…

ABNEGATION,  wear gray, just plain gray from top to bottom with a plain hairstyle. No jewelry, but a plain watch is allowed. The Abnegation are reserved and hate drawing attention to themselves as that can be viewed as being vain.
AMITY,  wear bright, colorful hues, mainly yellow and red as it is believed those two color represents happiness.
CANDOR, you should wear the ideal outfit of the Candor is a suit (the penguin one). However, other outfits are accepted as long as they only consist of black and white, just the like truth.

DAUNTLESS, wear a black, butt-kicking outfit. The Dauntless are the bold and the daring so tattoos are expected, as well as leather jackets.

ERUDITE, make sure that at least one significant part of your outfit is blue. The Erudite believe that wearing blue will cause your body to release calming chemicals. Hey, maybe then, you won’t be as scared while you go trick or treating. Oh, the Erudite, always the smarty pants. Speaking of pants, jeans are usually blue… 
FACTIONLESS, dress up like a hobo.

DIVERGENT, mix and match aspects of the outfits of all other other factions. Maybe wear a white colored shirt with a red tie with blue jeans and a leather jacket. Or a black and yellow stripped shirt (so you look like a bee), blue jeans, a white cardigan, and some leather boots that kick butt.

I’m too lazy to hunt down the links for the other three costumes, but if you want to see them, just click on the costumes label.

What are you going as for Halloween?

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