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Introducing YA in Real Life – The Breakdown

Introducing YA in Real Life – The Breakdown

YA in Real Life, which will sometimes be abbreviated to YA IRL, is a new feature I really want to do. One of my friends in school, aka in real life, gave me this idea. The feature is basically going to discuss issues presented in books and how they translate in… well, in real life. It’s a bit different from my “Investigated” posts so that’s why it has a separate name, even though it still kind of is a discussion post. Sometimes I will focus […]

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Introducing Bookish – The Breakdown

Introducing Bookish – The Breakdown

Today, I’m introducing a new feature. It’s going to be called Bookish… well sort of. It really depends. I had a lot of ideas for different features, but I just decided to combine all of them in one. Another name I had for this feature was Book Inspired… Bookish ____________ That’s the real name of Bookish. Basically the idea is that I’ll fill in the blank as I see fit. For example, if I want to display a baking post inspired by a book, it’ll […]

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Ask Emz Anything

Ask Emz Anything

A while ago I decided to start a new feature called AskEmz. But after a while, I decided to change it a bit. It will now be Ask Emz. To summarize, I will take questions from a whole range of subjects from recommendations to help with blogging and design. So yeah, ask away. A few things to note before you start… I only read YA, so don’t ask about anything pertaining to Adult books or Children’s novels because chances are that I have no idea. […]

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Truth or Dare? – The Breakdown

Truth or Dare? is hopefully going to be lasting feature on the blog. I find that sometimes it’s hard to do things by ourselves and without any other motivation (from other people). Things like tackling our TBR piles (yes, I know how enormous and humongous and abnormally large they are). Things like posting your reviews on Goodreads and other sites (not just your blog). That’s why I’m planning on dishing out a few challenges maybe once or twice a month to get things moving. The […]

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AskEmz – The Breakdown

Hi guys! Just out of curiosity, how many of you have heard of For those who don’t know, is a “website/social network” that allows users to ask and answer questions from others. Now, I’ve gotten a few questions about things… things related to either blogging in general, the design, or just about books. And I’ve been wanting to have a some sort of Q&A feature on the blog for awhile. So I thought was perfect. Sort of. Well, rather the name was […]

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Interactive Fridays – The Breakdown

A while ago, I wrote about wanting to create a more reader interactive section on the blog on a Thoughtful post. I’ve finally decided to put part of that plan in action.Interactive Friday (yup, that’s the name I came up with. Soooo original right? Did I mention I suck at naming things?)What is it?Interactive Friday (which I am now going to refer to as I.F.) is going to be the newest feature on the blog, and hopefully one that sticks. It might be weekly, but by the […]

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Read My Mind – The Breakdown

A while ago I thought of expanding “Thoughtful” to include a more reader interactive segment. And finally I have some sort of idea. The segment might be called “Read My Mind” because well, reading duh, and the segment is going to be basically sharing opinions and discussing things. But unlike “Investigated” where I simply state my views on things, “Read My Mind” will be more about the readers and their views. The name is still a work  in progress… I came up with it at […]

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Thoughtful Tuesday/Thursday – The Breakdown

Thoughtful Tuesday/Thursday is a new feature I want to start doing. I wanted to have a feature that was more interactive and helpful. And as the name suggests, the feature will be posted on a Tuesday or Thursday. Probably never both in one week, but it might vary depending on scheduling and all that. So basically, it will be Thoughtful Tuesday or it would be Thoughtful Thursday. Thoughtful Tuesday/Thursday will cover a variety of topics such as blogging in general, blog design, blogging help (including questions), […]

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Novel News – The Breakdown

Novel News – The Breakdown

I mentioned in previous posts that there were a lot of YA book to movie adaptions going on. And awhile ago, I had a page dedicated to keeping up with all of them. Needless to say, it didn’t work out so well. But this week, I was thinking of ways to share everything I learn about book related topics and voila, Novel News.Novel News is probably a feature that I will do on Fridays or Sundays (I’m still deciding, it’ll be one or the other). […]

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Mission: Recommend – The Breakdown

Sooo, I wanted to have introduce a new feature thingy, if you want to call it that…If you haven’t realized it already, it’s going to be called ‘Mission: Recommend’.What it isIt’s basically going to be posts dedicated to recommending books to others. Whether it’s based on plot, genre, or other qualities.How it startedWell, I recommend book to my friends all the time. Some of them got tired of them, so I decided to write my recommendations down. Especially if I’m in the middle of reading […]

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