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In honor of the last book involving Percy Jackson’s publication this week, this week’s costume is, wait for it… inspired by Percy Jackson! Now, it’s been a while since I’ve read the series so please forgive me if I got some of the details wrong.

Percy Jackson

Percy’s described as having messy black hair and sea green eyes. So if you want to wear a wig and contacts, you know what to get. As for his clothing and items well… Note, you might have to make some changes to ones posted below.


  1. Orange T-shirt – You should right CAMP HALF-BLOOD on the front of it
  2. Blue Jeans
  3. Sand Dollar (optional)- let’s pretend Percy didn’t use the one Poseidon gave him…
  4. Converse / Sneakers – I was going to give him flip flops, but then I remembered he gets chased by monsters a lot. Flip flops aren’t the best shoes to wear when you’re running for you life…
  5. Necklace – you, know Percy’s Camp Half-Blood necklace… a leather cord with beads for every year he has been at Camp…(yeah, I know, it requires a bit of imagination
  6. Backpack – because he needs somewhere to store nectar and ambrosia… and because you need somewhere to put all the candy you get
  7. Watch – remember Tyson’s gift to Percy? You know, the watch that doubles as a shield…
  8. Ballpoint Pen – because Percy needs his sword, but I don’t really think people would really appriecate if it you carried it in sword form. Write Anaklusmos on it’s side and remember it has a cap – it’s not one of click pens.


Annabeth has curly blond hair and grey eyes…


  1. Orange T-Shirt – like Percy, Annabeth usually wears an orange t-shirt with the words CAMP HALF-BLOOD written on the front
  2. Blue Jeans – preferably, not skinny jeans as it is harder to run in those…
  3. Yankee’s Cap – Annabeth’s invisibility cap that Athena gave her… don’t wear it one your head because when you do you should become invisible…
  4. Converse / Sneakers – a good pair of shoes to run from monsters in
  5. Camp Half-Blood Necklace – should have more beads than Percy’s, FYI, if you’re going in as a pair.
  6. Backpack – not only does Annabeth need to carry around nectar and ambrosia, she also needs to carry Daedalus’ laptop and her other architecture stuff. You could also use a yellow duffel bag
  7. Daedalus’ Laptop (optional) – although, I wouldn’t really recommend bringing it with you when you go Trick-or-Treating… just saw the owl and couldn’t resist adding it…
  8. Knife & College (optional) – Annabeth’s knife that Luke gave her and her dad’s college ring that she added to her Camp Half-Blood necklace
  9. Any Other Camper

    I didn’t really have the time to make sets for other other characters of the series, but if you just want to dress up as a regular camper, all you need are…

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6 responses to “Bookish Costumes – Percy Jackson

    • READ Percy Jackson! They are a bunch of awesome books. Although be careful, the movie didn’t really stay as true to the book as it could have (changed character appearances, storylines, details). I’m glad you like seeing costumes, I had a lot of fun putting the outfits together. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Rachel! 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness I love this feature. I love Percy and Annabeth <3
    I'm so behind on the last series. The last book I read was The Son of Neptune. I know I don't know what is wrong with me ):
    I like that you added Percy's sword as a ballpoint pen because that's what form it takes. Annabeth's knife look so badass – I love it. And her Yankee's cap! This post is giving me so many feelings. I miss Percy!

    Adriana Garcia (@BooksOnHerMind) recently posted: Blog Ahead: 30 Days, 30+ Pre-Schedules
    • I miss Percy too, especially since the last book with Percy (forever, according to Rick Riordan, but then again, he did say that before…) just came out. :'( So get caught up ASAP! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Adriana! 🙂