Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge – Day 7

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Rachel @ Parajunkee had this awesome idea of a New Year’s Challenge for book bloggers.
You can check out more details about the challenge at Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge.


Ooohhh, this is a good one. And… I have a lot.

1. People who request reviews without reading my review policy.
I have a review policy for a reason people! It’s not just there to take up space. I’m sorry if this comes off as a bit rude, but this just really aggravates me. A lot.

2. Meaningless comments
This happens on memes a lot. They tend to be the ones that are really general and feel as if they were just copy and pasted. I love comments, don’t get me wrong, but if you are going take the time to leave a comment, at least make it relevant.


4. Criticizing authors a lot in reviews
Authors work hard to get published and turn out a good story. (Well, almost all authors anyways). Bashing them in your review is not necessary. Just because you didn’t like the review, doesn’t mean the writing was bad, maybe you just didn’t like the story or the character.

5. Major blogger problems
What do I mean by this? Easy, problems like plagiarizing and stealing content from others, etc… It should be obvious people shouldn’t do those things, but they are done anyways. And that makes me really sad. Not to mention angry.

6.  Reviewing a book without actually reading it
How can you give an opinion on a book you never read? It’s pretty obvious when a blogger is reviewing a book he/she has never read before. And it makes me want to face palm a lot.

7. Blogs with only memes and blog tours and nothing else
Where is the originality these days? I get that people are busy and original posts take time, but still!

8. Blogs with only reviews
There are only so many reviews I can stand reading… Shake it up a little, will you?

9. Pressure
This one is self explanatory. Do this! No, that! Yeah, no thanks.

10. “I’m right, you’re wrong” and not being considerate of others
I haven’t encountered this too much, but when I do, it really pisses me off. It’s when people think they are correct and there is no way in h-ll that they can be wrong. They insist their way is right without thinking about the opinion of others, without trying to understand where the other people are coming from.

I did a design pet peeve post a while ago, so if you want to check that out, it’s at Design Pet Peeves.
What are your blogger pet peeves?



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