Blogger Confessions – I’m a moody blogger

Posted December 8, 2015 by Emily in Blogging / 4 Comments

Blogger Confessions

Confession: I can’t blog when I’m not happy or stressed out.

This took me a while to figure out. I used to be so focused on being a consistent poster. Unfortunately, poor time management means I don’t usually have many posts scheduled in advance. I don’t know how some bloggers schedule posts for their blogs three months in advance. They’re like super bloggers. I can barely schedule posts three days ahead of time!

Anways, I find it hard to find the motivation to write posts when I’m just not in the mood. Before, I would just throw some random stuff together and call it a post. Stupid me believed in quantity over quality. Yeah, not smart. I end up regretting writing all those posts, but to be honest, I feel too guilty to delete them now.

So when am I not in the mood to blog? When am I just not feeling it? It’s usually when I’m stressed out (usually about school) or unhappy (usually something to do with school). To be honest, I think it’s sometimes less about being stressed or unhappy, but about how I cope with feeling those two horrible emotions. As much as a stress reliever blogging can be (hence why I’m writing this post), it’s not always something that makes me very happy. At least not when I feel like I can’t post quality content.

And let’s face it, blogging takes time. It’s not just something that takes a few minutes. It can eat your time up. And as much fun I have blogging, when I’m not in the mood, I’d rather do something else with my limited free time. I’d rather read or watch TV or watch YouTube videos or something along those lines. I guess it’s just even though blogging is like a hobby, sometimes it feels like a job, a fun one, but still a job. It’s not exactly something I’d do to destress. In fact sometimes, I think it might give me some more stress.

Can you blog when you’re not in the mood?



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4 responses to “Blogger Confessions – I’m a moody blogger

  1. I blog no matter what mood I am in. I may not produce the same sort of posts or type as much, but I blog almost daily no matter what I am feeling. Sometimes it helps me to blog, since this is something I do for me, and so it lifts my mood. I usually feel a sense of accomplishment one I have tomorrow’s post scheduled, so for me blogging makes sense. If it stresses me out I am sure to mention it with venting blogger woes. I think reading other blogs helps me to get in the mood, so I keep my email full of my favorites who are sure to inspire me to share something.
    I think blogging, or not blogging, when you are unhappy is a personal preference. I can completely understand not wanting to blog when you don’t feel good.

  2. Great topic. I think it’s okay to not post when you aren’t feeling it. I used to pump out content just to have something written, and it really shows to the reader, I think. It’s better to post when you really feel like you want to write, even if it means you only post a few times a month. For me, reviews have always been easier to write. The discussion posts don’t come easy, and the only time I really write them is when I feel like I have to get something out. Then it’s cathartic and I emote my feelings through my writing. But I’ve also got co-bloggers to cover me when I am not feeling it, which I am really thankful for. I couldn’t do it on my own anymore and I give lots of credit to bloggers who do.

    Just do you and it will show. Especially in your happiness and mental health which is the most important part.

  3. If I’m in a “funk”, blogging isn’t happening. Chances are, reading isn’t happening either. If my mind is just too distracted by all the crummy things, then I can’t focus on creating quality content. It happens, and I don’t feel guilty for not cranking out a post. Instead, I relish in snacks and Netflix.